Retirement Freedom

Retirement Freedom should be your objective. But what is Retirement Freedom?

It is what it says on the tin. Freedom from being tied down from work and routine, freedom to do what it is you want, when you want.  

When do you want that freedom to begin?  Obviously whenever you decide.

Retirement sounds idyllic doesn’t it. I bet you can’t wait for it to happen.

 Good looking pensioners running across sand dunes, wearing white; sitting on the side of expensive yachts, wearing white; and athletic pensioners looking good in their tennis kit, white of course, are all used to portray this idyllic retirement.


Is this how you see your retirement? Maybe in your dreams.

What thoughts have you given to your retirement? It should be a reward for a lifetime of working.

So how do you intend to reward yourself?

Coming back to earth what are the things that are going to act as constrain your dreams? Your retirement will be similar to other times in your life. There will usually be something that will constrain you. 


The constraints could be your health, family responsibilities, or lack of money or a combination of two or more of them.

Health and disabilities may force you to retire sooner than you plan. Unfortunately, if this applies to you, you are going to have a different retirement experience than if you enjoy many years of an active retirement. Keeping active and mentally stimulated can help put off physical and cognitive decline.

Health and disabilities may require you to care for a close relative. Similarly, you may help with looking after grand-children, this is going to restrain your freedom time. What will be expected of you? How much are you prepared to do?

Retirement is about spending the wealth you have accumulated over your working life. The pace of your spending is a difficult judgement to make. Do you know how long you are going to live? That is how long your wealth needs to provide you with spending power – an income.

Will your spending be different in different periods of your retirement?  Will your wealth be sufficient to meet your spending? How will you balance your wealth against your spending needs?

Life change

Retirement is a big life change. Unless you prepare for what it is you are getting into, unexpected events will occur. Champion Retirement sets out to help you understand the issues you may face and get as much freedom as possible from your retirement.

After all its what you deserve.

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